Create an online Advent Calendar for your Christmas campaign

Every day, users access the calendar and open a new window to participate in a new daily giveaway.

Generate engagement over 24 consecutive days

Single registration

Users only register once. Customize the registration form and expand your mailing list with all the details you need. Next time the users visit the promotion they log in and access the check-in page directly.

Use the pre-configured customizable template to save time. It comes with background and 24 door images. Change all the elements (logos, texts, images, colors) to expose your audience to your corporate image. 

Run daily giveaway for all checked-in users. You can also organize a final giveaway for all registered users, or you can raffle direct prize among all participants. Each giveaway comes with a certificate of validity, which proves the transparency of the winner selection process. 

Customizable design

Daily giveaways


Comes with a pre-configured ready-made template

Total price:

Other Advent Calendars that can be launched with our Multi-Game application:


Not sure how to create your Advent Calendar?